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From Wes Wannemacher <>
Subject Re: getting to 2.1.7
Date Mon, 27 Apr 2009 01:58:39 GMT
On Sunday 26 April 2009 09:14:44 pm Dale Newfield wrote:
> I don't know if running a static code analysis tool over the codebase is
> part of the release process (getting ready for 2.1.7), so just for the
> hell of it I just ran struts2 trunk through findbugs.  It found 37
> "bugs".  Most of them are not bugs (but rather not quite best
> practices), but many could be easily addressed.  The patches attached to
> address those that
> didn't require too much domain knowledge :-).  I *believe* that the
> patches don't have any semantic effect on the codebase (except maybe to
> improve bugs in obscure log messages), and they reduce the number of
> issues raised by findbugs from 37 to 11.
> One issue findbugs points out is that the BackgroundProcess constructor
> starts it's thread before returning, which means that any subclass won't
> get to finish it's constructor before the thread is started.  This is
> relevant to the solution offered at
>or.html and I'm not sure if it's really an issue or how to fix it (but I'm
> interested since I use something like that in my current project :-).
> -Dale


I'm looking at BackgroundProcess and it looks like the only thing that happens 
after .start() is some exception handling logic... I'm not sure as I haven't 
had to deal with multithreading issues for a long time (and I don't even think 
I was using Java the last time I had to think about it). But, it doesn't seem 
like a real issue to me. Of course, I'd concede if someone more fluent jumped 
in and pointed out that I'm wrong.



Wes Wannemacher
Author - Struts 2 In Practice 
Includes coverage of Struts 2.1, Spring, JPA, JQuery, Sitemesh and more

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