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From Andreas Joseph Krogh <>
Subject Re: Accessing properties set in struts.xml and/or
Date Sun, 01 Mar 2009 09:43:47 GMT
On Sunday 01 March 2009 02:48:31 Jeromy Evans wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> The perfect place to filter the URLs is before they reach the  
> Container at all.
> The next-best place is within a custom ActionMapper as Jelmer  
> suggested as that's what it's designed for.  I don't think you'll gain  
> much performance filtering before the ActionMapper and it will confuse  
> the architecture a little.
> Modifying the default ActionMapper to accept a property that specifies  
> an exclusion pattern may be a good idea.
> The properties in struts.xml are available by dependency injection in  
> objects created by Struts2, but the filter is too soon to use that  
> feature.  Instead you'll have to get a reference to the xwork  
> Container and ask it for the property:
>   String pattern =  
> configuration.getContainer().getInstance(String.class,  
> "struts.action.url_exclude_pattern");
> The Configuration instance is available from the  
> ConfigurationManager.  The ConfigurationManager is created during the  
> InitOperations once when the filter initializes.  This is when the  
> configuration is first read/provided (but it may be re-read/provided  
> later).  The ConfigurationManager is available from the Dispatcher,  
> which is available in the PrepareOperations used by the  
> StrutsPrepareFilter.
> To access the configuration in your own version of the  
> StrutsPrepareFilter, you'll have to replace the filter and  
> PrepareOperations with a version that checks the URL and configuration  
> before creating the ActionContext.
> Configuration configuration =  
> dispatcher.getConfigurationManager().getConfiguration();
> StrutsPrepareFilter will still need to chain to the next filter, so  
> you'll also have to modify the StrutsExecuteFilter so it doesn't run  
> but does chain to its next filter.  Doesn't seem very elegant.
> Hope that gets you started.

This is what I've implemented here:
If you look at the attachment "filters2.diff" (
you'll see what I've done.

I did think about modifying the action-mapper or sub-classing it, but that doesn't really
cut it. The point is that I want to be able to configure this *one* place regardless of which
action-mapper I use. For example, if I want to use the Restful2ActionMapper I want the same
exclusion-logic to apply for it.

I've implemented the check for exclusion *after* the action-context is created on purpose.
The point is that I don't want Struts to try to auto-map an action based on the excluded URI,
and possibly fail, but I *do* want to be able to use all the other goodies struts2 provides,
like the s-tags etc. My patch implements just this and is very useful for me.

Please take a look at the code and comment.

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