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From Dave Newton <>
Subject New struts2-blank and docs
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2009 00:29:56 GMT
I've checked in a (mostly) working updated blank-archetype.

There's a new archetypes doc page at [1], along with a more detailed 
look at the blank archetype itself at [2] that talks a bit about Maven 
and the blank app itself.

There are some archetype issues I'm a little fuzzy on, including but not 
limited to the following issues I'd like to fix (or have fixed ;)

- I had to add a commons-logging dependency but I'm not sure why
- mvn package is including Spring/Mock/Junit in the WAR
- the index.html's refresh doesn't seem to work under Jetty

Any info appreciated. I'll try to start on the starter-archetype at some 
point, but the next few weeks are pretty stressed for a variety of 
uninteresting reasons. (Except that I get to use JRoR in my new day job, 
which I'm hoping will have some nice synergies.)



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