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From Piero Sartini <>
Subject Re: [QUESTION]
Date Sun, 22 Feb 2009 11:05:04 GMT
> So a user would need these plugins to map actions without XML. Struts
> default behavior would require a user to map the action in the XML file and
> that would be struts.xml, right? So would it be fair to say that if I parse
> the struts.xml file and all included xml files, then I will have a list of
> all available actions in the webapp (assuming user is not using the plugins
> you mentioned) ?

Please note that these plugins are part of the default struts2 distribution. 
(Convention, REST, ...) You should not rely on parsing the struts.xml. In 
fact, such plugins have been around since the very first versions of s2 
(called codebehind and zeroconfig). Can't remember for how long I am not 
writing xml mappings for my actions... 


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