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From Wes Wannemacher <>
Subject Re: More intelligent result type for convention plugin.
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2009 01:37:34 GMT
On Friday 13 February 2009 10:46:40 Musachy Barroso wrote:
> The performance improves only when the UnknownHandler is called (no
> action mapping for current url), in the rest of the cases the result
> mappings are built when the application boots.
> I don't like the idea as it moves away from logical result names, and
> adds another set of "rules" not conventions, IMO. These rules would
> increase in complexity as people start using it outside the simple use
> cases, like, "how do I add parameters to a redirect?"

I agree with Musachy that it would be bad to move away from logical result 
names. Qi, I would suggest that you post what you've got as a plugin up on 
google code, then register it in the Plugin Registry. This way we can gauge 
whether or not other users would adopt it. 

Having logical result names adds a level of indirection that can be handy. For 
instance, in your example, you have a logical step that is then evaluated to 
find the details. One place that this could be handy is in the "login" 
scenario... In the beginning, let's assume your app has a global "login" 
result that dispatches to a JSP page, but at some point in the future, you may 
want to have a form snippet returned via AJAX (displayed as a modal dialog). 


Wes Wannemacher
Author - Struts 2 In Practice 
Includes coverage of Struts 2.1, Spring, JPA, JQuery, Sitemesh and more

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