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From "Musachy Barroso" <>
Subject Re: thoughts on CI
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2009 18:50:28 GMT
> Now, my first question is more general. Hudson allows a few different
> triggers for launching builds. Right now, I'm telling it to check SVN
> once a day for changes. To me, this is sufficient, but not quite as
> comprehensive as Bamboo. I'm thinking that since this is a shared
> resource (and we're new to the neighborhood) I don't want to tax the
> system with full builds as frequently as bamboo was getting hit. Does
> anyone disagree with that frequency?

A daily build is fine with me.

> Lastly, since Musachy worked really hard to get the release process
> documented and easily(at least easier) repeatable, he enhanced the
> assembly module to zip up and grab the docs. I tried to help him with
> this while he was working on it and we noticed quite a few gotchas.
> First off, we already brought up that it is a nightly cron job to zip up
> the confluence export. So, the assembly tries to wget them. This isn't
> really optimum, since it runs as Ted and Ted must be really busy, so we
> couldn't make changes to the job (or see if/why it was failing from
> 2.1.3-2.1.6). My thought was to just use wget to mirror 2.x/docs/ and
> then zip as part of the assembly process. Not quite optimum, but doesn't
> tax mino every night. But, the problem with this was that wget honors
> the new robots.txt file which means wget refuses to pull it down.
> The current solution is to ssh over to people and call the zip-it-up
> script (which is /www/, in case it's
> not documented elsewhere). This way, the zip happens when we need it to.
> Now, the downside to this is that if you do a `mvn -Pall clean install`
> in the struts2 directory, this will run. The first problem with that is
> that on the Building from source page in the docs, we tell users to do
> this. Of course, it will fail since you have to have your ssh setup to
> log into people.a.o. The next problem is for me trying to run this in
> Hudson. My first thought was that I could skip this task, but then, the
> assembly is a great way for me to generate nightlies, and it is sort of
> a matter of eating our own dogfood. If the assembly doesn't do what we
> want, we should make it do what we want...

I just committed a change to it, so now you can pass the user name as
-Dusername=myname, and it will ssh to ${username}@p.a.o.

"Hey you! Would you help me to carry the stone?" Pink Floyd

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