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From Al Sutton>
Subject 2.1.4 Quality - XWork/OGNL issue
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2008 09:12:39 GMT
The previous problems are fixed, but there looks like there might be a 
potential issue with XWork and/or OGNL....

I use displaytag and when paging through the URL is something like;


When paging through with 2.1.4 I get an exception from XWork/OGNL which 

ognl.InappropriateExpressionException: Inappropriate OGNL expression: (d 
- 16387) - p

I don't get this with 2.1.2, so is attempts to evaluate GET parameter 
names a new thing with 2.1.4?

imho Xwork/OGNL shouldn't be evaluating either the name or the value of 
a POST or GET parameter because they are user submitted and there maybe 
something which the application needs to process but is in an form that 
OGNL "changes", and hence a lot of confusion could be caused.


P.S. I don't know if it's happening with POST parameters as well.

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