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From Andreas Joseph Krogh <>
Subject Nested-tag support
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2008 12:18:20 GMT
Hi all!
One of the most usefull things about (2.0 < Struts >= 1.1) is the nested-tag-library.
It allows you to do:

<nested:form name="myForm">
  <nested:nest property="person.address">
    <nested:text property="street"/>

And it will render the following:
<input type="text" name="person.address.street"/>

Strust-2.x lacks this feature and you're responsible for producing the correct "nested-prefix"
Questing; Was the decition to make the Struts2-tags not work as the nested-tags made on purpose?
If so, what the retional for it?

I propose adding this functionality to the existing 2.1 src by doing the following:

- Introduce a property in (default false in 2.1, but shold be true or removed
in future versions of Struts)
  If set to "true", the struts-tags will behave like the good ol' nested-tags.
- Modify existing sources

The s:form equivalent of the nested-example above should be something like:

	<s:form name="myForm">
	  <s:push value="person.address">
		<s:textfield name="street"/>

I believe this is quite simple to implement given that the valuestack is always available
and contains everything we need.

Is anyone working on this? Will the community accept such a patch and apply it to mainstream?

Andreas Joseph Krogh <>
Senior Software Developer / CEO
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