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From "Musachy Barroso" <>
Subject Re: Concerned Strutszien: A Manifesto
Date Sun, 19 Oct 2008 14:44:40 GMT
> * OGNL - Is is staying? Is it going? Can it be secure? Is it fast enough?

Params interceptor was the biggest security problem and it has been patched.
It MVEL gets integrated then it will get interesting.

> * Convention - Buzz factor to me, but buzz none the less.  I type pretty
> fast.

It is coming, we need to get 2.1 out and I need to rewrite some ugly patch I
wrote for multiple unknown handlers.

> * REST - Great way to organize web based applications

Nobody is working on this right?

> * Model and Service Layer - We know Struts2 is a web framework and its good
> at it.  So there is Appfuse and that is something I have worked on.
> Stripping down Appfuse and hopefully making some kind of Groovy-based
> Model,
> Service, Action, View generator.  More on that here:
> .
> I think the plan is good, but I haven't done as much as I need to yet

My poor man's version of it: . I use it
for new projects and it kind of works.

> * AJAX - Never been a fan of the Dojo tags -- DWR?
>  Prototype/Scriptaculous?
> JQuery?  I used proto and scriptac for a while but I have moved to JQuery
> recently.

kill -9 DojoPlugin

> * Stable and public API to keep backward compatibility


> * Portlets are still first class citizens?

I am no a user of them myself, but I see Nils answering questions and fixing
bugs, so I think they still are.

> How do we tackle all this?  Do we have a meeting?  Do we create a Chief who
> can make decisions for better or for worse?  Clearly decisions need to be
> made.  Do we start StrutsCon 2009 and lock everyone in a room until the
> decisions are made?  I started to also write apps in Rails and I promised
> myself I would learn Grails to stay current, but judging from Phillip's
> session at JavaOne and the traffic on the mailing list there is still A LOT
> of interest in S2.  Ideas?  Volunteers?  Beueller?

These are my 2 pesos on what the problem is. As I have seen so far, all
these things get sorted out as people pick up things that they are
interested in, but, in order to move we need builds/releases and we need
them often. Without build, changes go to trunk and stay there for a long
time (sometimes, years) without getting released, and either the people
working on them lose interest, or the discussions get stale. In short: we
need people to roll releases often. As I type this my conscience is
screaming at me: "why haven't you done it? you could do it instead of asking
for it, shame on you" :)


"Hey you! Would you help me to carry the stone?" Pink Floyd

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