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From dusty <>
Subject Re: Concerned Strutszien: A Manifesto
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2008 02:20:03 GMT

So the more I think about it the more thoughts I have....

The major users like Atlassian and Google forked Webwork a while ago I think
and they don't run their stuff off the Struts2 code base.  Don has been
awesome for Struts2, but I don't know if there are any other commiters from
Atlassian or Google.  Alexandru uses Webwork for InfoQ, and I am not sure if
he ever moved to Struts2 either.  I am not sure what Patrick and Jason are
doing these days but we have a large population of WebWork people that seem
to have not moved to the Struts side of the world.   I don't know if that
matters or not.  As long as we have enough smart people, and we do, to keep
things going in the right direction.  And as long as there is interest and
growing adoption....

So we get more aggressive with our releases.  We definitely want to preserve
compatibility but if we have a good reason for breaking compatibility we let
people know and show them how to migrate. At the same time we get more
aggressive with marketing, by overhauling the website, getting the project
blog going, re-organizing the wiki and documentation, getting the source
available from Fisheye, maybe even start a conference.  Everything but the
conference part seems pretty doable.  

Don has been a kind of de-facto leader for the project.  I wonder what he is

Jeromy Evans - Blue Sky Minds wrote:
> I share similar sentiment. Whenever I take a critical look as to whether 
> to use struts2 I keep coming back to the conclusion that it's 
> fundamentally sound as far as java frameworks go.
> I'd categorize the problem as not enough generals.  Most of us can make 
> incremental improvements or start new plugins but few have the courage 
> to to drive through fundamental changes or remove features.  I'd join 
> some kind of coordinated hack-a-thon to break through the inertia.
> My #1 issue is that it's *too difficult and time-consuming to create a 
> release* on the 2.1 trunk.  If releases are difficult and dependent on a 
> few key individuals then momentum slows and the project inevitably stalls.
> I've been independently tinkering with release process to try to 
> automate all assembly within a CI system so a formal release is an 
> administrative process only, but it's not much fun.

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