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From dusty <>
Subject Re: Concerned Strutszien: A Manifesto
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2008 01:50:45 GMT

Jeromy Evans - Blue Sky Minds wrote:
> I share similar sentiment. Whenever I take a critical look as to whether 
> to use struts2 I keep coming back to the conclusion that it's 
> fundamentally sound as far as java frameworks go.
> I'd categorize the problem as not enough generals.  Most of us can make 
> incremental improvements or start new plugins but few have the courage 
> to to drive through fundamental changes or remove features.  I'd join 
> some kind of coordinated hack-a-thon to break through the inertia.
> My #1 issue is that it's *too difficult and time-consuming to create a 
> release* on the 2.1 trunk.  If releases are difficult and dependent on a 
> few key individuals then momentum slows and the project inevitably stalls.
> I've been independently tinkering with release process to try to 
> automate all assembly within a CI system so a formal release is an 
> administrative process only, but it's not much fun.

I am not familiar with the formal release process.  Are there Apache steps? 
Is it not a matter of building the relative zips, tars and putting the jars
up on maven?  I think there is a Bamboo server somewhere for this.  Is that
the CI you are working with?  

I am willing to help with what I can.  One area where we can do better is
the web site.  Its downright confusing.   It really should be much more
simple. Either the Rails or the Grails sites are good examples of what we
should be doing.  I have had a screencast site in the works forever for
Struts2.  I need to just get that going.  

Is being part of "Apache" killing this framework?  If we can get the
releases out the door and improve the marketing and help material we should
be able to get over the hump.   

What would be your process if you could make it up Jeromy?  Muscachy?
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