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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: S2 as JSR for Action Framework
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2008 03:55:33 GMT
Musachy Barroso wrote:
> What are the plans for the future of the REST plugin? Has anybody
> tried to make it more JSR-311 like? I am not a REST user myself, but I
> am kind of bored and could help if there was a clear understanding of
> what needs to be done.

I haven't touched the REST plugin for a while but actively use it.  I'm 
pretty happy with it but it needs to be exercised more across broader 
areas to find remaining problems.
I use it for public JSON, public HTML and private machine<->machine 
services (XML).

I support moving in the direction of JSR-311.

My two biggest issues with the plugin at the moment are:
 - a public resoruce that's served as XML would typically reference a 
schema and/or namespace.  This is possible with XStream by writing to 
the outputstream prior to serialization, but it will often be different 
for each model.  The existing ContentTypeHandler can't readily deal with 
this binding between model class and schema and it's up to the plugin 
user to invent their own strategy. Not sure if JSR-311 addresses this., 
but it could drive an entirely different approach to consuming a 
resource with different content-types.
 - exception handling is completely ad hoc (up to the plugin user). I 
try to get exceptions to fall through to the ExceptionMapper which then 
invokes another action that generates a response consistent with the 
requested content type. eg. if they requested XML, they should never get 
an HTML stacktrace.  Not sure if JSR-311 addresses this.  The fragility 
in this area means I'd opt for a dedicated WS/RS library rather than use 
the plugin for genuinely public resources/services.
 - and a third: hierarchical URIs (/book/1/chapter/2) require a custom 
actionmapper, but shouldn't. In general, support for params in the path 
is a little clunky (and undocumented).

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