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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: S2 as JSR for Action Framework
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2008 23:48:24 GMT
Adam Hardy wrote:
> Frank,
> do you not use the back button?
> I reckon I use it from around 5 to 50 times a day.
Of course I do...  Although I can't say how often because that would 
imply how much surfing the web I'm doing as opposed to actually working 
and my boss just *might* read this list some day :)
> I think the paradigm shift is less a shift and more of a paradigm 
> split. Web2 and javascript-based apps have taken their place (after 10 
> years finally) at the top of the web food chain. What's the best term? 
> Rich client?
That might be a fair way to put it, and this is something I've talked 
extensively about over the past few years... I tend to use the term web 
SITE vs. web APP... I talk about that in all of my books actually, and 
the first one is a few years old.  Web SITES are fundamentally different 
animals than web APPS, and I think the rules are a bit different for 
their development as well.
> But Web2 hasn't replaced bog-standard HTML as its version number 
> suggests, it complements it, leaving a big space for low-Javascript 
> clients which just use the barest minimum or no javascript.
Yep, I don't disagree with that at all.
> It's obviously only the former websites which need no back-button, and 
> obviously the latter where the back button is very useful.
Hehe, we're pretty much saying the same thing I think :)
> Maybe W3C has already thought of this - I don't know - and we'll see 
> window.disableHistory appear in the DOM (or something similar)
Sure... about the same time they get rid of the <b> and <i> tags :)
> Regards
> Adam

Frank W. Zammetti
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