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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: S2 tags, which attributes evaled, and docs.
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2008 01:48:43 GMT
Dave Newton wrote:
> I'm running into a weird difference between:
> [1] <s:textfield name="" value=""/>
> and
> [2] <s:textfield name="" value="%{}"/>
> Nutshell: when there's nothing submitted for (at least if it's the only element
on the page) [1] will print "" as a textfield's value, [2] will print nothing.

I've observed the same behaviour and out of habit always include %{} in 
the value attribute.  It's often redundant but is a reminder that I mean 
the value of evaluating the enclosed expression rather than the literal 
value (except when i use %{''}).

IIRC, the presence of the %{} forces evaluation down the 
TextParseUtil.translateVariables path rather than the 
getStack().findValue() path, and the latter path handles default values 
differently.  Not good.

> That, in turn, led me to wonder if it'd make sense to use the existing TLD annotation
to include whether or not the property is evaluated, and then use the same annotation to run
through a tag's properties and evaluate the appropriate ones. Or if that's even possible.

Agreed it's not good that a user can't determine how an attribute is 
evaluated without inspecting the source.  An annotation that at least 
states that would be helpful, but it's possible the annotation and 
implementation are inconsistent.  As you suggest, an automated way to 
evaluate an attribute (or not) is best, rather than the seemingly 
arbitrary findString and findValue invocations in the 
evaluateExtraParams method.

The tags as built must go. They suffer from the "fragile base class" 
problem in that whenever you want to make an small improvement like this 
you break them all.

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