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From "Ted Husted" <>
Subject Re: [s2] Google XML Pages (GXP) to replace Freemarker in tags?
Date Sun, 27 Jul 2008 09:18:06 GMT
Yes, for anyone unfamilar with how the "Struts Tags" are implemented,
the content of all three flavors of tags -- JSP, Velocity, and
Freemarker -- are, way down deep, generated from the same set of
templates. The content generated by the template is then wrapped as a
JSP tag, Velocity macro, or Freemarker tag. For example, here's the
gritty guts of our "a" tag:

<#if != "">
<#if parameters.href?if_exists != "">
<#if parameters.tabindex?exists>
<#if parameters.cssClass?exists>
<#if parameters.cssStyle?exists>
<#if parameters.title?exists>
<#include "/${parameters.templateDir}/simple/scripting-events.ftl" />
<#include "/${parameters.templateDir}/simple/common-attributes.ftl" />
<#include "/${parameters.templateDir}/simple/dynamic-attributes.ftl" />


Note that the block starts with "<a" and ends with ">". Everything
else in the block generates dynamic content that might go between "<a"
and ">".

The proposal would use GXP to generate the same content as we do here,
so we can wrap the output as a JSP, Velocity, or Freemarker "tag".

HTH, Ted.

On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 3:39 PM, Dave Newton <> wrote:
> --- On Sat, 7/26/08, Piero Sartini <> wrote:
>> Since there is no support for JSP tags in GXP, how could
>> the struts2 tags be accessed in such an result?
> Er, I think the idea was to use GXP instead of FreeMarker for the S2 tags.
> Dave

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