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From Ish <>
Subject Struts 2.1 and Struts Json PlugIn problem
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2008 11:13:52 GMT

I am using struts 2 and jsp in my project. I have jsp page, which uses data in ajson format.
I have created 
my Actiion look like this <p>

JSONObject obj=new JSONObject();<p>
obj.put("StartDate","2008-02-26 12:00:00");<p>
obj.put("GoogleRef","61.92411, 25.748151");<p>
obj.put("Film","Evan Almighty");<p>
System.out.println("getJsonObject obj........."  + obj);<p>
myJSONObject = obj;

struts.xml <p>
<package name="test" extends="campaign" namespace="/test"><p>
  <default-interceptor-ref name="completeStack" /><p>
  <action name="FilmAction2" 
      <result type="json">/WEB-INF/jsp/json.jsp</result><p>

When I start tomcat, I am getting following error. <p>

Error building results for action FilmAction in namespace /test - action - file:/C:/Environment2/workspace/campaign/war/WEB-INF/classes/struts-Test.xml:32:99.

I do have jsonplug in my lib dir.
Please can some one help, where I am going wronge.


Many Thank
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