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From Dale Newfield <>
Subject Re: [struts-dev] classpath issues...
Date Sat, 07 Jun 2008 04:06:22 GMT
Musachy Barroso wrote:
>> I've done a bunch of searching to try to find where that classpath is
>> constructed, or any other reports of similar issues, but found neither.
> In ClassLoaderUtil probably.

ClassLoaderUtil is an xwork class.  While looking at it earlier today I 
did find a bug (submitted a JIRA issue w/patch), but the fact that it 
was never detected before makes me think that code path never gets executed.

It mostly just passes along URIs that it learns about by asking a series 
of class loaders.  The "missing slash" uri that it passes along came 
from one of those class loaders (the first one searched).  Are you 
suggesting that I should add special case "checking" code in there to 
validate/fix any URI before returning it?  Seems like a hack, but I 
could do that...

...but it doesn't fix the fact that glassfish/the jvm/something appears 
to be supplying either an invalid classpath, or a broken class loader...


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