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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: about GPL/Apache license compatibility ...
Date Thu, 15 May 2008 16:52:22 GMT
Giovanni Azua wrote:
> hi,
> I was researching a bit alternatives to dojo e.g. YUI or separate 
> widgets like a tooltip developed and distributed under GPL license and 
> found some comments from Struts contributors mentioning that because of 
> those widgets being GPL they could not be considered ...
> I am absolutely not an expert in the subject but having a project under 
> GPL v3 (and researched and read a bit on it) one of the main advantages 
> of v3 was the major revision that lead to compatibility with the Apache 
> v2 license projects see 
> <>

> My question is then, would this mean that if e.g. a widget is 
> distributed under GPL v3 it could be used and distributed with Struts 2?
> Maybe it would be worthwhile to clarify this, as it could mean wider 
> freedom of choice integrating existing GPL v3 projects with Struts ...

IANAL, but my reading of the FSF license compatibility discussion is 
that the ASF license is compatible with a project using GPLv3, *not* 
that GPLv3 is compatible with an ASF licensed project like Struts. In 
other words, GPL'd projects can now import ASF licensed libraries but 
ASF licensed projects still cannot use GPL'd libs.

It *is* possible that LGPLv3 may now be an acceptable license for 
dependencies, though. (I haven't looked at it to see if the 
objectionable clauses have been revised...)

This has probably been discussed on legal@apache already, and that is 
the correct place to get an ASF-wide policy change approved if it's 


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