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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: Fundamental flaw in Model-Driven?
Date Thu, 01 May 2008 10:49:28 GMT
Alexander Snaps on 01/05/08 11:30, wrote:
>> Using the JPA extended persistence context (not EJB), the clear() will
>> eliminate any changes to the model before JPA comes to flush to the db. I
>> assume it would work in an EJB container too.
> I'm not really sure I get the point your making here, but if you just do not
> want the EntityManager not flush to the database, shouldn't you rather just
> update the model outside of the transaction.

I mean persistent entities in the extended persistence context. Within or 
outside a transaction shouldn't affect the EntityManager, which will still flush 
updates to the database when closed.

> Indeed calling the clear operation on the entity manager also results in all
> managed entities becoming detached. Beyond many operations on the current
> persistence context might result in the entity manager flushing state to the
> database. Yet having it behave differently because of updating managed
> entities outside of the tx also sometimes have the persistence context not
> behave as one would expect...

I'm afraid I can't quite follow you there. (Use of 'beyond'?) The clear 
operation is exactly what I want to do - with the result you mention. This is 
the start of a request (HTTP param conversion and calling setters on model 
properties), with a new EntityManager, so anything that goes wrong should cause 
everything to be cleared.

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