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From "Musachy Barroso" <>
Subject Re: Dojo plugin update using 1.1.0 framework
Date Sun, 06 Apr 2008 00:20:57 GMT
I don't think we should wait at all. Refactoring dojo out of core was
one of the main things for 2.1 and it's been there for a year already.
Unless Dojo 1.0 is a lot, way, way better than the older versions, I
would say you will find lots of surprises. IMO you should set it up as
a project on googlecode or somewhere else and we can all
contribute/test and eventually bring it on (or just keep it there and
get rid of our current plugin).

my 2 centavos :)


On Sat, Apr 5, 2008 at 6:19 PM, Dave Newton <> wrote:
> --- Al Sutton <> wrote:
>  > Whilst I can see that there is an advantage to getting a 2.1 release out,
>  > my question would be do we want it to go out with a (very) old version
>  > of dojo as the demonstration of it's modern ajax capabilities?, and do
>  > we want to put developers through getting used to 0.4 as the bundled
>  > version and then jump to a much newer version as a minor version release?
>  So the questions are how well tested are the new Dojo tags, and if they're
>  not tested well enough how long would it take to test them? Lastly, how much
>  rework, if any, is required to match the functionality of the 0.4x plugin?
>  My impression is still that Dojo 1.0 is pretty different from Dojo 0.4x, and
>  that this is a non-trivial project--but that's a guess made from ignorance.
>  Is there any evidence to the contrary? Have the tags been tested (even
>  manually) on the client side to bulk-verify behavior?
>  Due to some immediate responsibilities, my availability for working on a Dojo
>  1.0 plugin is limited and conditional:
>  -- I have some time I can dedicate to *testing* new Dojo tags.
>  -- I don't have the time to learn Dojo 1.0 well and implement much changed
>  and/or new functionality if both the cost and risk are high.
>  -- The window within that time is available is short, and dwindling.
>  -- The more people working on it the more likely I am to make the time
>  because of a perceived lower risk.
>  Nutshell: what's anybody's take on the effort this would require, and who's
>  available to make that effort?
>  Dave
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