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From "Philip Luppens" <>
Subject Re: Feature sponsorship proposal
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2008 14:18:22 GMT
On 4/7/08, Don Brown <> wrote:
> [snip]
>  Thoughts?

Sounds good, if you can create a good list (I guess you could pick
them of the 'if I had a 1000 hours to give ..'), and find a way to
sign up for it, and give credit back where credit is due. Also, if
they have something they have developed, or something they want to
develop, just let them contact the list, and ask for the person
working in a particular field (eg. Musachy for Dojo integration,
Nils-Helge for portlets, ..) to see if they can support them in any

I would also find it very nice if a company could just send us an
email with someone to contact to take care of a particular
integration. Seeing how we have some troubles with Websphere, I would
for example, appreciate it if IBM came around and said: "Here are the
contact details for J. Smith - if there's a question or a problem
regarding Struts on Websphere, just forward it to him, and he'll take
care of it (for free - not for a 35 hour support contract ..)". Or at
least work with us to find a solution. Maybe they could even sponsor
someone to work on the docs or user mailing list (although I guess
consultancy companies would regard that as shooting in their own

Seeing how your employer already supports the OS world, I think we
could only wish other companies would show the same level of support.

If I were a milionaire, I'd pay hire the three key devs and have them
work on Struts 2, and find a couple of IDE devs to work on plugins for
both Eclipse and IntelliJ (or NB).
Note: since I'm not actually a millionaire, I can only guess what I
would be thinking if I were one. It just as likely could be something
like 'Meh, screw you guys, I'm off to St. Tropez with a bunch of
bikini models'. Which would explain the absence of any sponsored key
devs today.

- Phil

Software Architect - Hydrodesk
"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."
- Randy Pausch

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