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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: Dojo plugin update using 1.1.0 framework
Date Sat, 05 Apr 2008 22:19:52 GMT
--- Al Sutton <> wrote:
> Whilst I can see that there is an advantage to getting a 2.1 release out,
> my question would be do we want it to go out with a (very) old version 
> of dojo as the demonstration of it's modern ajax capabilities?, and do 
> we want to put developers through getting used to 0.4 as the bundled 
> version and then jump to a much newer version as a minor version release?

So the questions are how well tested are the new Dojo tags, and if they're
not tested well enough how long would it take to test them? Lastly, how much
rework, if any, is required to match the functionality of the 0.4x plugin?

My impression is still that Dojo 1.0 is pretty different from Dojo 0.4x, and
that this is a non-trivial project--but that's a guess made from ignorance.
Is there any evidence to the contrary? Have the tags been tested (even
manually) on the client side to bulk-verify behavior?

Due to some immediate responsibilities, my availability for working on a Dojo
1.0 plugin is limited and conditional:

-- I have some time I can dedicate to *testing* new Dojo tags.
-- I don't have the time to learn Dojo 1.0 well and implement much changed
and/or new functionality if both the cost and risk are high.
-- The window within that time is available is short, and dwindling.
-- The more people working on it the more likely I am to make the time
because of a perceived lower risk.

Nutshell: what's anybody's take on the effort this would require, and who's
available to make that effort?


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