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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: Fundamental flaw in Model-Driven?
Date Sat, 26 Apr 2008 10:28:22 GMT
Chase on 26/04/08 11:16, wrote:
>> I also stumbled across this problem.
>> One solution could be to use a TypeConverter to instantiate new, 
>> unmanaged entities during the ParamsInterceptor invocation.
>> Such a TypeConverter could pass back instantiated, blank entities 
>> (with nothing but the ID) for ParamsInterceptor to collate, and 
>> against which ValidationInterceptor can operate. E.g. for param 
>> 'bean=69', the type converter instantiates Bean and calls setId(69)
>> Once Validation succeeds, ModelDriven and ParamsInterceptor should be 
>> invoked again to update the managed entities.
>> The unmanaged entities would just disappear out of scope and be 
>> garbage collected.
>> Such a strategy would require modification to ParamsInterceptor to 
>> tell it to use the initial TypeConverter on the first call, but not on 
>> the second. Whether the algorithm that controls that is accessible for 
>> modification in the ParamsInterceptor or whether it is out-of-reach in 
>> OGNL somewhere, I'm not sure.
> If it was a blank (just id) entity then you'd lose the ability to 
> validate "num1 > num2" where num1 was set by the params interceptor but 
> num2 came from the database.

Sorry Chase, can you elaborate a little? You're talking about one of the S2 
validations? I didn't see that in the list.

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