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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject stack fundamentals
Date Sat, 12 Apr 2008 03:41:39 GMT
The i18n tag pushes a TextProvider onto the stack in its opening tag:
getStack().push(tpf.createInstance(bundle, new LocaleProvider() {
                     public Locale getLocale() {
                         return locale;

And pops *any object* off the stack in the closing tag:

If a the user pushed another object onto the stack within the tag the 
wrong object is popped off the stack 
At the very least, the i18n tag should log that it popped something 
unexpected from the stack. I'll definitely make that change.

However, fundamentally, does the stack need a method like:
    popUntil(Class aclass), that pops all classes until on an object of 
the specified class is encountered? or
    remove(Class aClass), that removes an object from within the stack (yuk)

I think both are bad ideas.  So should the i18n tag pop off everything 
until it encounters a TextProvider (still pops unexpecterd objects), or 
is the i18n tag making an invalid use of the stack?  I think its use of 
the stack is valid as it needs to push a TextProvider in front of the 
action, but stack manipulation is permitted within the tag.

Any better thoughts on this issue?      

 Jeromy Evans

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