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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: Dojo plugin update using 1.1.0 framework
Date Sun, 06 Apr 2008 00:56:11 GMT
Dave Newton wrote:
> Nutshell: what's anybody's take on the effort this would require, and who's
> available to make that effort?

I share similar sentiment and at most will just be able to convert my 
existing 2.1.1 test applications over to use the Dojo 1.x plugin to 
investigate the consequences.

I've concluded that tag libraries for rich client framework like these 
no longer warrant the effort.  I prefer to encourage users to use the 
client-side libraries as intended by their designers, whether that's 
with HTML markup or programmatic javascript. This approach benefits the 
users as they can receive support directly from Dojo or other vendor, 
can develop skills that can be transferred between server-side 
frameworks and they have no artificial constraints placed on them by a 
tag library. Struts2's role should be to simplify server-side 
integration, such as by providing default models that can be used by the 
Dojo widgets.  And provide really good examples.

On a related issue, improving support for JSF components may allow user 
to leverage existing tag libraries instead of re-inventing them.

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