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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: s:action tag major issues: threadlocals
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 03:38:33 GMT
At first glance that seems like a *great* catch.

--- Jeromy Evans <> wrote:
> I'm investigating some of issues related to the s:action tag.  This tag 
> sets up a new context and ActionInvocation and invokes the action and 
> result correctly.  The problem is that within that process the 
> DefaultActionInvocation replaces the ActionInvocation in the ThreadLocal 
> ActionContext with the tag's own invocation:
>         // Setting this so that other classes, like object factories, 
> can use the ActionProxy and other
>         // contextual information to operate
>         ActionContext actionContext = ActionContext.getContext();
>         if(actionContext != null) {
>             actionContext.setActionInvocation(this);
>         }
> The effect is that after completion of the tag, the ActionInvocation in 
> the ThreadLocal ActionContext still references the tag's temporary 
> invocation instead of the "parent" action's invocation.  From that 
> point, anything can happen, and does (WW-2079, WW-2290, WW-2599 and a 
> few more that got me started down this path).
> I'm not sure how to fix this.  If actions can rely on the ThreadLocal 
> ActionContext (they do), the current invocation needs to be there, but 
> the invocation has no sensible way to know that it should restore the 
> previous state.  I don't want to pass more flags in from the action tag.
> Has anyone got some suggestions on a tidy way to resolve this? Removing 
> the ThreadLocals would be nice.

My naïve reaction would be to put it on a stack, since we're talking nested
contexts, and set the thread local from it. But I can't even find that code
right now :/


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