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From "Martin Gilday" <>
Subject Re: Feature sponsorship proposal
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2008 13:30:40 GMT
I have to say I'm not really convinced this would be a benefit to the
project.  I'm sure there are rules in the ASF and licenses that prevent
it, but I can ony see an increase in conflicts of interest.

How do you decide if the dontated feature is large enough to warrant
Do you take it away once the feature has changed substantially over
The license prevents it but there could be disputes when individuals
change the functionality of a corporate component, that they feel they
have some ownership of.
Giving thanks to someone for working on a feature should of course
happen, but this is very different to stating on the website that the
Parameters Interceptor is the work of Joe Bloggs.  That would certinaly
take away the feeling of collective ownership of the codebase.

The fact that many projects are thriving without this suggests that
maybe Struts is simply going though a stagnant period (I know that a lot
of hard work is being done on 2.1, but it very much seems like the
efforts of a core team).  If a company with the resources required a
feature would they not just create it?  The fact they are not donated
back smacks more of corporate policies, which this simply wouldn't
change.  Getting recognition is simply not of interest to a lot of
businesses.  Partly due to responsibilities it perceives it brings as
well of being of little benefit.  Would consumers really care that
donations of code had been made to Struts?  I can only think in the case
of peers and consulting it would.  Most certainly wouldn't when buying a
book from say Amazon.

I hope this isn't true of all companies, but it certainly is of the few
I have worked for.

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From: "Don Brown" <>
To: "Struts Developers List" <>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 23:08:17 +1000
Subject: Feature sponsorship proposal

As more and more companies start using open source software, many,
like mine, are looking for ways to give back to the community.  They
want a way to contribute and ensure their contribution will be noticed
and appreciated.  What if we had a feature sponsorship program that
encouraged companies to donate engineering time to filling out needed
features in Struts?

I imagine it would work like this:
 1. The Struts community comes up with a short list of desired
features with high-level specs
 2. Companies (or individuals) could "sign up" for a feature and
donate internal engineering time to implementing the feature
 3. The Struts community would review then commit the feature
 4. The release notes for that version and perhaps somewhere on the
website would note who gets credit for the feature

This would help those that want to donate time what features are most
needed by the community and give them a way to receive recognition for
their work in a very public way.    A key component in this proposal
is the way credit is given to the work, something that might encourage
the marketing departments of the respective companies.  The list of
desired features is also important as it ensures their effort will not
be in vain, and it also implies the support of the Struts dev
community to work to apply the patch in a timely manner.



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