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From Haroon Rafique <>
Subject Re: Freekmarker vs. Velocity
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2008 20:12:43 GMT
On Today at 12:27pm, BP=>Brian Pontarelli <> wrote:

BP> [..snip..]
BP> All EAPs are available from You just have to hunt 
BP> around to find them. They are full working versions that expire after 
BP> 30 days. Usually they expire before or during the next EAP release so 
BP> you can just keep using the latest EAP until 8.0 is released. Then 
BP> you'll have to fork over the cash or get an open source license.
BP> -bp

Yeah, I knew about the 30 day expiry. I'm too lazy to have to keep 
entering the activation key. I stick with a released version (e.g., 6) and 
then use the EAPs for the next version (e.g., 7). My authorized key for 6 
continues working for the v7 EAPs until immediately before the release. 
Eventually, I will find a compelling reason to upgrade to v7 and then use 
the EAPs for 8 until they stop working (rinse and repeat).

Haroon Rafique

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