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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Weekly, daily, hourly?! FAQ/README on Struts User?
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 16:57:55 GMT
I've brought this up a few times in the past, but I think I'm going to take
action on it now.

I'd like to have a weekly (or daily) posting on struts-user regarding the
usual suspects, how to ask questions, some useful links, maybe some sort of
"tip of the week" or whatever, and all that.

Mostly I'm trying to mitigate the amount of teeth-pulling necessary to get
questions asked in a way they can actually be answered because it's driving
me insane.

If anybody has any objections, let me know.

Otherwise I'll start a wiki page (I guess on the public wiki? Or is there a
way to mark a page to not be exported into the docs?) and if anybody has any
suggestions they can put them there and I'll try to get something reasonable
within a few days.

I'm just tired of a dozen-post questions that should have been one or two,
and it might just be handy to have some of the doc links hammered in to
people. Like nails.

I'm also planning to either expand the FAQ section and/or move some of the
information there into the mainline docs and/or link from the mainline docs
into the FAQ and include information gleaned from the mailing list, so if
anyone has any ideas on how they'd like that organized chime in.


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