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From "Nils-Helge Garli Hegvik" <>
Subject Re: Weekly, daily, hourly?! FAQ/README on Struts User?
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2008 12:00:11 GMT
>  I believe the old WW forum approach (an announcement containing some
>  do's and don't's, links to the Jira, Wiki, archives, etc ..) was quite
>  efficient and hard to ignore (some still managed, though).

Yeah, the WW forum was quite efficient for filtering out most of the noise...

> Of course,
>  such a thing is quite hard to enforce since we're on a mailinglist,
>  unless we indeed were to go with a daily/weekly/.. mail. I believe the
>  number of daily mails would be sufficient not to generate too much
>  noise (and even then, maybe we could tie it to the number of topics
>  posted .. eg. every 50 topics).

I'm not familiar with the mailing list software that is used, but is
it possible to send an auto response to the first post a user has to
the mailing list (not a signup confirmation or anything like that, but
as a response to their first post, with RE: <your topic> in the
subject and everything...)? A regular mail would certainly be a good
idea, but you still won't catch those who just sign up to get that one
problem solved (URGENT PLZ).


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