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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject If I had 1000 hours to give...
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2008 07:08:25 GMT
It's been quiet lately so I thought I'd throw something out there.

If you could give 1000 hours to the Struts 2 project, what would you do?

I would like to it become the SOA framework of choice through :
 - SEO-friendly URLs become the default and users never have to think 
about it again;
 - allow action methods to be bound to an http method and allow results 
to be easily bound to the result code and requested content type (as per 
REST plugin)
 - support content in the request (eg text/xml or text/json 
content-type), deserialize and set the model of the action (the reverse 
of the REST plugin)
 - allow actions to be pojos and delete ActionSupport (without losing 
implicit i18n and validation functionality)
 - allow hot deployment & run-time management of actions (OSGi??)
 - refactor UIBean & XWork component so there's only one model and one 
template per tag and they're easy to unit test (code-generate the 
wrappers/template models/taglibs)
 - action scope and component scope become first-class concepts 
(integrate the plugins)
 - add run-time developer tools; configuration browser becomes standard 
in developer mode and add a resource bundle browser
 - delete all ajax-like tags and funky tags; add standard interceptors & 
models to ease integration with the client-side libraries, groovy, 
grails, JSF, struts1 (and others?). tags move to plugin.
 - I don't have an opinion about portal support but I'm sure it's important

I think I ran out of hours already!

 Jeromy Evans

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