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From "David Durham, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [s2] Let's get out Struts 2.1.1
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2008 17:45:00 GMT
I'd definitely be interested in using a JQuery plugin for struts if it
came out (has one already?).  I've found the library to be very
useful.  The documentation is pretty good, though a little out of date
wrt. some of the plugins (the UI ones notably, but they're getting a
lot of dev work right now).  Actually, my understanding is the lead
JQuery developer is now being paid to work on the library full-time,
and that he's putting a lot time into the UI plugins.  Those would be
useful to have available as struts tags.  Also, I think JQuery fills a
role that GWT likely would not wrt. integration with server-side web
app frameworks, but maybe I'm wrong.


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