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From "Wes Wannemacher" <>
Subject Re: feedback on patches
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 15:11:28 GMT
On 2/15/08, Blake Byrnes <> wrote:
>  Just another potential approach.  I don't understand the reasoning behind
>  the request specs that got posted in the JIRA ticket.

I am not sure about the lengthy discussion either (which was the main
reason behind not applying my patch earlier). Basically, what I took
from it is that an IllegalStateException is thrown by the app server
(Jetty 6.1.6) when the Java/JSP code breaks "the rules" (the spec).
I've gotten them before when trying to do silly things like redirect
via HTTP 302 after I've already written to the output stream. In this
case, I believe that it was tracked down a
getParameterMap/getParameter call happening before the call to
getReader. Further digging on google led me to think that if the root
cause is a call to getInputStream, that a subsequent call shouldn't be
illegal (or if it is, it does work w/o exception).

Anyhow, I agree that the purpose of the affected code is to
deserialize JSON/XStream data, so how it happens is probably
irrelevant. If you want to tweak the code further, patches are always
welcome. In this case though, start a new JIRA, since the original
dealt with the exception in Jetty 6.1.6.

Wesley Wannemacher
President, Head Engineer/Consultant
WanTii, Inc.

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