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From Dave Newton <>
Subject [OT] Re: StrutsStatics...
Date Fri, 29 Feb 2008 19:39:50 GMT
--- CleverSwine <> wrote:
> Antonio Petrelli wrote:
> > Err... Does C++ have interfaces at all? All I recall is that C++ has
> Of course it does. A simple google search
> would have shown you. Perhaps you're thinking of C.

>From the first sentence of the first link:

> The distinction between classes and interfaces is a powerful
> language feature present both in Java and C# (along with
> many other languages) but not in C++.

An interface pattern isn't an interface, which is what people were responding

> newton.dave wrote:
>> One of the reasons people used the technique was to avoid a minimal
>> amount of extra keystrokes. Java 5's static imports removed the need 
>> for the extra keystrokes.
> I disagree. 

Go ahead. That's why people did it. There's no other reason to do it.

> the only personal attack I think I've made was towards Chris.

Which is completely out-of-line and inappropriate in this forum.

You may continue without me.


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