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From Brian Pontarelli <>
Subject Re: API Compatibility
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2008 22:58:33 GMT
Don Brown wrote:
> On 2/22/08, Brian Pontarelli <> wrote:
>>  > These two points, put together, will necessarily result in a 2.1.0
>>  > release that is drastically different than 2.1.1.  I just don't see
>>  > any way around that.
>>  >
>> Tooling can solve this issue.
> How?  As I said, it is not possible for Struts releases to be
> compatible across patch versions.  How will tooling solve this?
I'm confused as to why it is not possible for them to be compatible. 
Compatibility is part of software engineering and up to the developers. 
Tools can perform static code analysis prior to releasing a patch 
version and determine if APIs have changed. I would envision this type 
of process:

1. Everyone tries their best not to bork 2.1.x
2. The release manager for 2.1.2 (for example) runs the tool to check 
public APIs against the 2.1.1 tag and trunk in SubVersion.
3. If the tool passes or the errors seem acceptable to the release 
manager, they do the release.
4. If the tool finds errors and the errors look bad, release manager 
halts release and tells developer that made said changes to fix them.

Am I missing something?


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