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From "Rene Gielen" <>
Subject Re: 2.0.12 version tag removed in Jira - by intention?
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2008 17:34:06 GMT

Am Di, 12.02.2008, 17:09, schrieb Antonio Petrelli:
> 2008/2/12, Rene Gielen <>:
>> If not, I
>> hope everybody is ok with re-adding a 2.0.12 version tag in Jira, with
>> was, as a comment indicates, renamed to 2.1.2.
> Though we did not announce it, I don't think that a 2.0.12 version will
> ever
> be released. Ted (Husted) moved open issues to the 2.1.x versions,
> depending
> on their criticity.
> Antonio

Even if we would never opt for rolling out a 2.0.12, it still makes sense
to mark patches done to the 2.0.x code tree in Jira. For example, as long
as I have customers working on 2.0.x, I will commit on both the 2.1 and
2.0 branch if I see a sense in it. Tagging them as fixed in both branches'
next unreleased version is the only way to keep track then about the
actual changes made between two 2.0 versions - just in case the would be
another one.
I know that the question of supporting 2.0 is most of all a question of
people volunteering to support, and I am not sure if I could stand up here
to commit myself doing this. But since moving apps from 2.0 to 2.1 is not
a drop in replacement, and some security issues might be raised requiring
us to roll out a GA fix, there is still a good enough chance for another
2.0 getting rolled out.

- Rene

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