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From "Al Sutton" <>
Subject The "Closer" award
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2008 10:31:34 GMT
I know this isn't a huge amount, but I feel it's time to give something 

I'm willing to put up 50GBP (around 98.50USD given the exchange rate) to the 
person who has fixed the most JIRA issues relating to S2.1 by the end of 
this month.

The payment will be made via PayPal only (so please don't ask for my credit 
card details, check, or money in a brown envelope), and the winner will be 
determined by using the following JIRA filter;

Project : Struts 2
Issue Type : Any
Fix For : 2.1.1 or Future
Status : Resolved or Closed
Resolutions: Fixed
Created Before:  14/Feb/08
Updated After: 31/Jan/08
Updated Before: 01/Mar/08

I will then check each one to verify that it's a valid fix (and not just a 
quick close) by looking at who put the patch which was used into JIRA.

I'm open to discussions on improving the filter, but my decision on what to 
use is final.

Have fun everyone....

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