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From CleverSwine <>
Subject Re: StrutsStatics...
Date Fri, 29 Feb 2008 16:15:57 GMT

Chris Pratt wrote:
> I never said it was a good idea, it's just something that was so common
> that
> they decided to make it part of the language.

This statement demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of Java. I really
hope you are NOT a committer on the struts2 project.

Chris Pratt wrote:
> But it is something I've need innumerable times, especially when reviewing
> Apache Java source.

I don't even know where to begin with this statement. You might as well have
said, "my parents shoplift, so why shouldn't I?" Justifying poor design by
pointing to someone else and saying "But look, he does it, too!" is

Dave Newton wrote:
> Most recently in 2007, although like WebWork, the code was relatively old,
> and they had been unable to switch to Java 5 at that time.

This problem has absolutely nothing to do with java5, and it would appear
you're just not getting that. Java5 wasn't out in 2001 when Bloch and others
wrote about this issue, yet an issue it was... and people avoided it like
the plague both pre- and post-Java5. In some OO languages (C++ comes to
mind), the constant interface anti-pattern isn't possible because constants
cannot be defined on interfaces.

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