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From Brian Pontarelli <>
Subject Re: Convention plugin
Date Sat, 19 Jan 2008 20:01:58 GMT
Piero Sartini wrote:
>> The results should be the same as smarturls, codebehind, etc. In your
>> case they should be login-success.jsp or login.jsp and
>> register-success.jsp or register.jsp. If you turn on some fine or finest
>> logging in the convention package it should print out the results it is
>> mapping in the configuration provider and in the unknown handler.
> After playing around a litte bit more, I realized that the problem is the 
> namespace.
> My action is located at
> com.mycomp.proj.actions.auth.User
> My resuts are in /WEB-INF/content/
> I expected they have to be in /WEB-INF/content/auth/
> but they do work only if I put them in /WEB-INF/content/
It seems to be a bug. I have a large complex application up and that 
uses namespaces and it appears to be working well. Therefore, I'm 
assuming it must be an environment or configuration bug inside the 
convention plugin that is being revealed within your application. Can 
you open a bug for the plugin and attach some code. I created a 
component in Jira for the plugin, so you can put the bug in that category.

Also, if you turn on finest JDK logging for 
org.apache.struts2.convention it will log out everything it it is doing, 
including finding actions, namespaces and results. This should also help 
track down the bug.


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