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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: Release Management (was Re: [struts-dev] [S2] Libraries in JDK 1.4 distribution)
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2008 18:56:44 GMT
Dave Newton wrote:
> --- "Frank W. Zammetti" <> wrote:
>> Ted Husted wrote:
>>> Since everyone here is a volunteer, there's no way to enforce an
>>> obligation, and the ASF guidelines remind us of this. A vote is an
>>> opinion, not a commitment.
>> Didn't you effectively say the opposite just yesterday? :
>> "It's true that we're volunteers, and any of us can walk away whenever
>> we like, but it's also true that when we vote +1 on a GA, each voter
>> is saying that he or she intends to help support the release. If the
>> release includes a J4 distribution, it means that we are each saying
>> that we will make a good-faith effort to support that distribution
>> too."
> It doesn't sound like the opposite. "Intention" is not "obligation", and a
> "good-faith effort" is just that--an expressed intent made in good faith to
> support the distro.
> IMO "obligation" means that regardless of other circumstances that support
> *must* be provided.

That's my point though: obligation probably isn't the right word under 
any circumstances.  The best you can hope for, ask for or expect, is a 
good-faith statement of intent.  If everyone here is saying that a +1 
implies such a good-faith intention to support, then there's no problem, 
everything is right with the world  There seems to be some question 
about that implied meaning though, which is where this discussion began 
as I recall.

> d.


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