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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: JRuby in Struts 2
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2007 02:47:45 GMT
--- Martin Gilday <> wrote:
> I think having erb (is that right?) views

We do; they're called "scriptlets". Erb is a step
backwards from anything I want to be involved with.

To answer somebody else's question: the reason to use
a different framework besides JRoR with JRuby is
because Rails forces you into the Rails framework.

It's difficult to extend, difficult to debug, and I've
spent more time working around its limitations and
code than is practical. For certain application spaces
it's a beautiful thing; step outside of its domain and
it will beat you about the head and shoulders
repeatedly and with great vigor.

Now that the JRuby compiler is working I'd be much
more interested in pursuing it (or Groovy, or Clojure,
or Scala) as "glue", particularly for validation,
rules, possibly configuration, etc. 

(I don't have much interest in ActiveRecord, either,
but that's primarily because I'm currently working
with a lot of legacy data for which ActiveRecord is
particularly unsuited.)


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