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From "Tom Schneider" <>
Subject Re: [s2] extras-lib (was JUEL plugin (was Roadmap for the core taglib))
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2007 21:07:13 GMT
LOL, I didn't know my efforts were going to cause such a raucous. :)

Ted is correct--I started this on Saturday on a whim.  At this point
it is completely experimental--we have a long ways to go before it is
even close to usable.  However, I was able to execute a simple
expression using my value stack, which for me, was a worthwhile
accomplishment.  I didn't want Don's work to abstract away the value
stack to be completely wasted, we needed at least one other value
stack implementation to truly test his changes.  Don did good work,
but there is still a lot of OGNLisms that have crept into the code
over time.  It would be nice to find and eliminate these

Ian brings up a good point in that we'll have to decide how to handle
some things like I18N/type conversion/method invocation.  Not all EL's
are created equal and OGNL probably is a little more flexible and
powerful than most.  Then even if we get all that working, what's the
migration strategy?

On 11/6/07, Ted Husted <> wrote:
> On Nov 6, 2007 3:00 PM, Ian Roughley <> wrote:
> > For your comment, I am assuming you are saying the message is - changing
> > the EL means changing everything the EL touches, and selecting an EL
> > means making a choice on everything the EL touches, correct?
> At this point, JUEL is just something Tom committed to the sandbox,
> like yesterday (literally). We aren't sending any messages to anyone
> else, since I doubt that many of us have had a chance to look at it
> ourselves yet.
> If JUEL turns out to be too much work, then none of us will use it
> ourselves, and it will simply wither away.
> The general idea is that we are building the framework that we want to
> use, and then sharing the wealth with others. But, Job 1 is that it
> has to be the framework that *we* want to use. Evidentially, Tom
> thinks he might want to use a framework that supports JUEL. The next
> question is whether anyone else feels the same way.
> -Ted.
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