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From Mark Menard <>
Subject Re: Struts 2 Plugin for Grails?
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2007 19:51:13 GMT
On 11/7/07 1:38 PM, "Matt Raible" <> wrote:

> What I'd like is to use Grails to develop my application, but have it
> use Struts 2 under-the-covers instead of Spring MVC. As far as code
> differences between writing a Spring MVC Grails Controller and a
> Struts 2 Grails Controller - I don't think there needs to be any.

Hmmm.... This sounds a lot like what I've been working with for the past
year sort of. I'm not using Grails, but I have been using Groovy over Struts

I really haven't dug into Grails much, only picked over the transactions and
proxy stuff deep in the framework at one point, but it seems to me that
Grail is fairly closely wedded to Spring MVC under the covers. At least from
outward appearances. I think swapping the underlying framework would be a
lot of work, and would make the framework into something else, so to speak.
I doubt it could be done without creating incompatibilities.

Now, if it could be done that would be really cool and I'd probably migrate
my current project to it to take advantage of the highly integrated stack of

> The problem I'm looking to solve is one where companies are using two
> web frameworks: a dynamic one (Grails) and a static one (Struts 2).

Yup. Understood. Take a look at:

It's young, but it does allow development of pretty much everything in
Groovy over Struts 2. It's really not hard. You just need an object factory
that can manufacture objects from Groovy scripts. Then use Spring's
scripting support for your service beans and DAO's. (The nice thing about
this setup is you only need to restart if you change an interface or your
domain model.) Now, with Groovy 1.1's support for annotations you can use
all the neat stuff that's in S2 and can even do your domain objects in

Now, with all of that said I'm interested in what you find when you dig into
Grails. If looks feasible let me know. I might be able to come up for air
from this project I've been on and be able to lend a hand.

Mark Menard

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