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From Tom Schneider <>
Subject Googlecode Maven Repository for External Struts 2 Plugins
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2007 15:12:22 GMT
Hey all,
I finally figured out a way to host a maven repository on googlecode.  
This should greatly simplify using googlecode hosted plugins in Struts 
2.  For me, it's also much nicer to use maven to deploy than trying to 
get a jar manually uploaded into the central repository.  Instructions 
on how to use this repo for Struts 2 projects are at:

Anyone who has a plugin hosted at googlecode can use this maven 
repository to host their plugin.  (I've already added several developers 
that I know of, if your not in the list let me know)  I've also already 
added several of my more popular plugins.  I plan on adding the rest as 
time permits.  Please look at the scope plugin (on googlecode) for an 
example of how to configure maven to deploy to this repository.

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