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From Tom Schneider <>
Subject Re: Struts 2 Plugin for Grails?
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2007 22:07:43 GMT
I was reading Getting Started With Grails this weekend and the more I 
look at Grails, the more I see your Groovy Works effort fitting into a 
Grails mini-porting effort to Struts 2.  Much of what you describe is 
already in Grails and I think the last thing we need is yet another 
groovy web framework. :)

Just to expand upon this, I think there are 3 main pieces we would need 
to make this work:
1. A new plugin based on Don's rest plugin that maps incoming request to 
grails controllers.
2. A grails controller engine that can take the grails request, provide 
the necessary context and execute a grails controller.
3. A GSPResult that can create the context for the GSP page and execute 
the GSP page.

I did some work on this over the weekend and it didn't take too much 
effort to get a GSPResult going.  (Although the templated executed, it 
didn't display any data because I didn't have a ModelAndView for the 
template to run against)

Mark Menard wrote:
> On 11/7/07 2:58 PM, "Tom Schneider" <> wrote:
> They are very similar. The difference used to be that s2ss did not require
> Spring, or didn't support it. I don't exactly recall. Groovy Works requires
> and uses Spring to wire the dependencies of the objects it manufactures.
> Additionally I think the directions were different. It was my plan, if I had
> more time, to really build on the Groovy Works thing and make it more like a
> Groovy version of Struts 2 with an integrated stack. I really haven't had
> time to pursue that goal. The idea was download GW's and its maven template.
> Run the template and code without need for XML, with a well defined project
> structure, ORM in place, etc. Obviously I haven't gotten that far, and other
> things have come along in S2 that do some of those things, like SmartURLs,
> code behing, zero config, etc.
> Mark
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