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From Brian Pontarelli <>
Subject Re: [s2] Goal - no experimental code in core for 2.1
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2007 19:06:10 GMT
Oh, forgot one thing. I like the idea of a single codebehind/zero-conf 
plugin that is beta. So, I'm voting that we collapse SU and the code 
from struts2 core and the current codebehind plugin into a single 
location. This would move all the experimental stuff out of core and 
still allow users to start using all the current features as we work on 
the others that Ted and others have mentioned (including myself).


Ted Husted wrote:
> I like where SmartURLs is going, but, as it stands, I'd still call it
> incomplete and experimental. For an approach like SmartURLs (or
> ZeroConfiguration/CodeBehind) to be truly useful, we should be able to
> at least write something like the MailReader with a bare number of
> ActionName annotations (ideally, 0). I'd also like to try a
> zero-config ShowCase application.
> I'm trying to find time to review the source code and come up with
> some patches. I think if the current list of issues were resolved, I
> think it would be a great idea to merge SmartURLs with the new
> ZeroConfig/CodeBehind plugin.
> Here's a summary list of the missing features I came across trying to
> implement MailReader:
> SU-5 Support ReST-style parameters
> * hello-world/save?message=Howdy == hello-world/save/message/Howdy
> SU-6 Extend result-type search scope
> * /foo/bar/hello-error.jsp, /foo/bar/error.jsp, /error.jsp, and then
> fall back to /foo/bar/hello.jsp
> SU-7 Automatically chain action (if any) when branching to other pages
> * If Foo.execute returns "bar", we check for FooBar.class
> SU-16 Heuristic alias matching
>  * for hello-input, (1) HelloInput.execute, (2) Hello.input
> I'd also like to review the validation annotations tickets, since
> there were some glitches there too (especially with Skip). (Has anyone
> compared the XWork validation annotations with the Hibernate
> annotations? Are we compatible?)
> -Ted.
> On 10/8/07, Brian Pontarelli <> wrote:
>> So, should I go ahead and start promoting SmartURLs or should we
>> continue to attempt to collapse the zero-conf/codebehind stuff into
>> SmartURLs?
>> -bp
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