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From Ian Roughley <>
Subject Re: [OT] Re: Should I announce SmartURLs or wait?
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 13:12:51 GMT

Don Brown wrote:
> The generally accepted terminology for release numbering is
> MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.  Yes, Struts does things strangely, but that
> doesn't change how users expect things to work.  Throwing in big
> features, and yes, I consider new annotations big features as they
> worm their way into user code, is not something I feel comfortable
> doing in a "third-level" release, or whatever we call it.
> In this case, the annotations will be likely redone for 2.1 anyways.
> A lot of it is my fault - they have been kinda thrown in there without
> systematic thought, and I had hoped we could fix that for 2.1.  I'd
> hate to introduce new annotations only to deprecate them weeks later.
My preference would be to wait as well.  If for nothing else, to see how 
JSR-311 (RESTful web services) flushes out and whether we should adopt 
some of the structure of the annotations in Struts2.  Has anyone looked 
into this JSR?  I saw a presentation at Sun Tech Days the other day.  I 
just need to find some time to see if it could be adopted to the 
annotations in s2 now :-)

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