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From Brian Pontarelli <>
Subject Re: [s2] The death of the .action extension
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 19:43:51 GMT

should work for most cases where the class is not reused. Adding an 
optional namespace attribute to the ActionName or handling slashes in 
the ActionName value will help in those more reusable cases. Something like:

@ActionName(namespace="/foo", value="bar")

I prefer the first example, because of the reduced typing. I was also 
thinking of allowing the Namespace to be applied to the package as well, 
allowing for the entire package to be changed.


Ian Roughley wrote:
> Thanks Ted.  The assumption is still that the action names are in the 
> same package, so I added a new feature request for an annotation that 
> combines the action and namespace.  I find this particularly useful 
> when a single action class can be used from several workflows, yet the 
> URL (action/namespace) needs to remain consistent for the current 
> workflow.  I think it also matches the view tags better (url,form) as 
> they always provide an action name and namespace attribute.
> /Ian
> Ted Husted wrote:
>> Yes, SmartURLs does provide annotations for responding to multiple 
>> Action names.
>>  * 
>> On 9/10/07, Ian Roughley <> wrote:
>>> The one issue that I haven't found a good solution for (and my 
>>> apologies
>>> if it exists in the smartURLs package - it's on my list of things to
>>> look at) is when an action class needs to be mapped to multiple URL
>>> actions potentially different packages.  This is one time that I find
>>> myself falling back to XML configuration, when I would prefer to use
>>> annotations.  Is anyone working on anything like this?
>>> /Ian
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