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From Brian Pontarelli <>
Subject Re: SmartURLs (fork of s2: problem with codebehind plugin)
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 17:27:01 GMT
Excellent feedback. Here's my thoughts:
>  * Is SEO "Search Engine Optimization"? What makes hello-action more
> compliant than HelloAction?
Most search engines do not understand or favor camel case as well as the 
dash or underscore. In fact, some engines will favor the dash character 
over underscores. So, that's why I set the default as the dash. Rails 
and others seems to follow this standard as well.

>  * Would it be possible to support ReST-style parameters (which I
> believe are also SEO-preferred), so that
> "hello-world/save?message=Howdy" could be expressed
> "hello-world/save/message/Howdy".
We could give it a shot. This is more of an ActionMapper concept than a 
smart URLs constraint. We could make a SmartURLs mapper that handles those.

>    ** Something like "hello-world/save/+/message/Howdy" might work as
> well, if including a parameter-start flag would simplify the code. (It
> might simplify things for the developer too!)
Might. I've never made a mapper, so I would need to try before I knew 
exactly how easy or hard it was. I would imagine that a separator would 
simplify things a lot though.

>  * Should we look for .html after .jsp, .ftl, .vm? Is the extension
> list configurable?
This isn't currently configurable because it requires knowing the result 
type that handles the specific extension. e.g. the FreeMarkerResult 
handles *.ftl. We could have a JSON style configuration for it though:

{'ftl': 'freemarker', 'vm': 'velocity', ...}

I'd be up for that. OGNL would also work since it is the Struts standard 
for that kinda thing. We could just send the value to OGNL and get the 
Map<String, String> back.

>  * Should we also look a page named for the result type in the current
> namespace and the default namespace (/foo/hello-error.jsp,
> /foo/error.jsp, /error.jsp, and then fall back to /foo/hello.jsp)?
>    ** A key use for "global" result-code pages might be login.
>    ** A side-effect would be that a page should probably NOT be named
> "success.jsp" :) But, in my experience, when it comes to result pages,
> success is local and failure is global.
Sounds like a good idea. I'd be up for adding it. Just need to think 
through all the semantics of it.

>  * If we branch to another ${result} page, should we look for a
> ${result} action, and automatically chain the actions?
Hmmm. Also a good thought. Although automatic chaining might be 
dangerous. I tend to favor being explicit using the annotations when I'm 
chaining. But, it could work to fall back to chaining if no other 
results exist.

>  * Could there be a smarturls.base.action.package that automatically
> incorporated "sub" packages. Right now, it seems that we need to list
> each and every package.
>    ** smarturls.action.base.packages = "content"
>    *** automatically includes content,,, ...
This is already how it works. If you have sub-packages they are added 
into their correct namespace. This is the same as the codebehind stuff 
as well. If you have com.example.actions.Foo and you'll have these URLs:


Unless I'm missing what you are asking. Or if you want all the 
sub-packages to be in the same namespace.... But if you are talking 
about that, I'd say it would be better to put all the actions into the 
same package since after all it is convention based.

>  * Using "" for a the base.result.location exposes an exception.
Hmmm... Yeah, that could be an issue. hehe. You could probably use "/". 
I'll fix this today if I have time.

Thanks for the feedback.

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