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From Tom Schneider <>
Subject Re: [s2] The death of the .action extension
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2007 13:46:42 GMT
What kind of strange new world will it be without .action?  I've grown 
so used to it I can't imagine not using it.  So you're saying you would 
have the same url without the .action part?

Now that we have all these options for mapping url's to 
actions/parameters, is there a new recommended approach that developers 
should follow?  Essentially you are getting rid of the old recommended 
webwork approach.  Options are great, but if you can't make heads or 
tails of which way is 'recommended' I think it may lead to confusion.  
(Not to mention more issues when trying support less experienced 
developers)  It would require updating all the docs/examples with the 
new approach.

Don Brown wrote:
> A long time coming, it is now possible (and practical) to get rid of
> extensions altogether, hence the subject, the death of the .action
> extension.  With WW-2163 [1], Struts can make the distinction between
> a setting that has Struts match all URL's, and one that only matches
> URLs with no extension, and furthermore, extension and no extension
> URLs can co-exist.
> Accordingly, I changed the default 'struts.action.extension' setting
> from 'action' to 'action,,'  This allows the <default-action-ref>
> element in struts.xml to do what you would expect - let you define an
> action to handle directory URLs such as
> In a future release, maybe 2.2, I'd like to get rid of the .action
> extension altogether.  I think one of the key strengths of Struts 2 is
> its closeness to the HTTP protocol, and therefore, I think it has
> great potential to be a solid REST platform, an architectural style
> that leverages the features of HTTP rather than fight them.
> Here's to the death of the .action extension! :)
> Don
> [1]
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